Caring for Your Loved Ones

In most circumstances, patients would prefer to have someone close care for them. We understand the special sacrifices it takes for one to make in order to care for their loved ones. Sometimes it means that you may have to quit a job or change your lifestyle in order to care for your parent, grandparent or close one. And while many may not question whether they should care for their loved one, most may question where or how to get started. At Hmong Home Health Care, we help lead you to the right answers by offering counseling on necessary lifestyle changes when you have a loved one in need, taking care of the employment paperwork and providing proper caregiver training, so that you may continue to focus on what’s most important – providing the quality care that your loved one deserves.

We also offer free caregiver training and work hard to ensure that you are compliant with the state and federal regulations that may govern the programs of your loved one’s services. Caring for your loved ones through Hmong Home Health Care means that you will join one of the best home care team in the Twin Cities with employee benefits and competitive pay.

Coinciding your caregiver employment processing, our professional Intake team will work closely with your loved one to help them receive the services that they need. To learn more about the process in caring for a loved one, please complete the referral form below or call our Intake Coordinator at 651-225-4255.

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  • Please practice good HIPAA compliance. Call us directly at 651-262-5513 to disclose any protected health information.