In-Home Health Services for Clients

For more than 20 years, Hmong Home Health Care, Inc. has been providing unmatched quality in home care services for the aging and disabled communities throughout the state of Minnesota.

Our mission is to partner with you in delivering quality home health care that’s tailored to your personal health needs at home. We understand that our clients prefer to stay and recover at home compared to being institutionalized in a hospital, facility or nursing home. We have a dedicated team of experienced and compassionate clinicians who will work together with you to administer a personalized care plan, allowing you to manage your health needs while continuing to live your life the way you choose to.

At Hmong Home Health Care, our caring administration team work hard to be helpful advocates and home care resources for anyone interested in learning more about receiving home health services. Our website is also designed to be a resource hub for you and your family to gather more information about Minnesota home care programs, including PCA and 245D services.

Getting Home Health Services

We share your same health goals at Hmong Home Health Care. We understand the stress involved in frequent hospital visits. We’ll work with you and your care team to develop a comprehensive home care plan to assist with managing your health and/or recovery, keeping you at home and close to your loved ones.

Sometimes patients may get overwhelmed with the different and sometimes changing rules, regulations and paperwork involved in setting up home health services. Your quality care and ease of mind is most important to us. Our experienced Professionals and care team are trained to educate and help you fully understand the different regulations, changes and services that are involved in setting up and providing care for you.

If you are wondering on how to receive home health or Personal Care Assistant services, the first place to start is by taking our pre-assessment quizzes to help determine if you will be a good candidate for home care services.

PCA Assessment Quiz

Taking our online PCA Assessment Quiz will help you see if you’ll be an eligible candidate for Personal Care Assistance in Minnesota.

Take the PCA Assessment Quiz