Homemaking (HMK) Services

Our homemaker services help create a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment so you can live at home independently with a greater sense of confidence and security. Homemakers can make all the difference in the life of an elderly or disabled person. They come into a client’s home and help with tasks keeping the client safe in the home.

Homemaker services help a person with general cleaning and household activities. HMK services are available to eligible individuals enrolled in a Minnesota Health Care Program.

Who is eligible for homemaker services?

The person may receive homemaker services when either:

  • The person is unable to manage the general cleaning and household activities
  • The primary caregiver who is regularly responsible for these activities is unable to manage them or is temporarily absent

What services are provided?

Homemakers responsibilities may include:

  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Washing Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Changing Linens
  • Removing Trash

If your loved one is in need of homemaking services, please contact us. If you have any questions regarding homemaking services and limitations, please reach out to us. We are here to help.

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