Individualized Home Supports (with family training)

We believe the best approach to care for a loved one is through supporting and strengthening the family as a whole.

Individualized Home Supports (with family training), formerly known as In-Home Family Support (IHFS) Services, is a residential habilitation service. The IHS focuses on families who are in need of additional support in their homes. It is intended for an individual who cannot live in his or her home without outside support. The IHS service gives an individual the opportunity to live a productive life while still remaining in their home.

Most individuals who receive this service live with their families. The service is provided in the person’s residence and in the community and is directed toward increasing and maintaining the person’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social functioning. The objectives of the in-home support staff will be catered around the individual’s needs. In addition, the professional staff will assist in developing skills that will guide individuals to improved self-sufficiency and independence.

Hmong Home Health Care provides Individualized Home Supports (with family training) in St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding twin cities. Not only is the individual supported, but training is also provided to family members to increase their capabilities to care for and maintain the person in their home. We educate families about proper care in order to assist them in providing better support for their loved ones.

Hmong Home Health Care is Here to Help

For more information about our 245D Individualized Home Supports (with family training) in St. Paul and the surrounding Twin cities area, contact Hmong Home Health Care at (651)488-1680.