Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a law that requires home care agencies to track and verify the location, time and type of personal care services their caregivers provide to their clients. EVV must capture the following information: The type of service, Personal Care Service with code T1019; what caregiver provided the service; the exact start time and end time; and the location (usually captured via GPS but there are other methods).

Caregivers that provide personal care services to clients on a home care visit are required to login electronically with the client’s receiving agency before the visit. This login is part of a law called the 21st Century Cures Act.

Hmong Home Healthcare offers easy-to-use software that complies with the Cures Act. We offer training and support on the software whenever needed. Our software ensures that all of our caregivers are up-to-date and compliant with EVV laws in the state of Minnesota.

Please contact us to learn more about EVV with Hmong Home Healthcare.