Individualized Home Supports (IHS) with Training

Individualized Home Supports, formerly known as Independent Living Skills (ILS), is direct training from a staff person to develop, maintain and improve the community living skills of a recipient. IHS can be provided in the home or in the community, and identifies needed areas of development such as communication, self-care, or interpersonal skills.

In Individualized Home Supports with Training also includes supported living services which is also a residential rehabilitation service that is provided to individuals who require staff intervention due to behavioral problems, medical conditions, physical deficits and/or lack of adequate survival skills. This potion of IHS with Training is focused on developing skills that will help individuals move forward. Keeping them healthy, safe and productive in their homes and community

Hmong Home Health Care provides In Home Services with Training in St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding twin cities. Whereas the goal of other services may be to assist or supervise an individual, IHS service’s primary objective is to provide guidance and education to that person. Training is customized on their own unique circumstances, while recognizing current needs of the individuals. Allowing them to gain independence and become a full fledged member within their community.

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Mother and daughter care e1614962773185

IHS is used by some case managers to encourage an individual to socialize with his or her community. Some additional community living skills developed are:

  • New found independence
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Health management
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Safety and self-defense
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Shopping and errands

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