Distribution Plan for the provider spending requirements for inflationary rate adjustment

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This plan will be posted on our website https://hmonghomehealthcare.com/ from January 1, 2024
until at least June 30, 2024.

The 2023 Minnesota Legislature passed rate increases for select EW, AC and ECS services effective Jan. 1, 2024. DHS announced these increases in the Sept. 12, 2023, eList announcement. Minnesota law (Minn. Stat. §256S.211 subd. 4) requires each EW, AC or ECS provider that receives a Jan. 1, 2024, rate increase to use 80% of the marginal increase in revenue to increase compensation-related costs for employees directly employed by the provider (refer to Minn. Laws 2023, chapter 61, article 2, section 17). The services affected by this that Hmong Home Health Care provides are: homemaker, Individual community living supports, and respite for employees serving clients on the elderly waiver. No other services or waivers provided by HHHC are affected by this statute. Hmong Home Health Care will be putting 80% of this increase towards wages, benefits, and payroll taxes for employees that qualify. This will be paid out to employees quarterly as a bonus on top of employees’ regular wages. The addition of these funds will not change the participants’ original approved amount of
service units. This rate increase does not apply to Qualified Professionals or office staff. If any employee does not feel that they received the compensation related increase as required, you should contact Mai Der Vang (612- 876-0350), HR Manager at Hmong Home Health Care, or our main office at 651-488-1680.

You may also contact the Department of Human Services:

Email questions or concerns to dhs.aasd.hcbs@state.mn.us.

Mail questions or concerns to:
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Aging and Adult Services Division
2024 Provider Spending Requirement
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