Suni Lee Wins Gold Medal

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Congratulations to Suni Lee on winning the Olympic gold medal in women’s all-around gymnastics for Team USA! Not only was Suni the first Hmong American to qualify for the Olympics, but she is also the first Asian American woman to win gold in the Olympics’ all-around competition. Her routine on the uneven bars garnered her an unbeatable score of 15.3, and along with an incredible save on the balance beam, earned her the historic gold. Earlier this week, she also took home silver in the team all-around final, an amazing feat in it of itself.

18-year-old Sunisa Lee began her career on a wooden balance beam her father built in the backyard. She grew up as a member of the Hmong community in St. Paul, Minnesota, a tight-knit community that cheered her on afar these past few days, just as they have been for years. Today, they celebrate! Her hard-work and dedication are an inspiration to the Hmong community, and we could not be prouder of her monumental accomplishment.