Temporary Rate Increase-12/1/20


HHHC Distribution Plan for Temporary 8.4% Rate Increase

Attention all HHHC employees:
In response to COVID-19, the Minnesota Legislature has approved a temporary rate increase of 8.4% that is expected to begin on 12/1/20 and will be in effect until approximately 2/7/21. The legislation required that employers pass on (at least) 80% of the increase to PCAs in wages and benefits (which include the corresponding increase in the employer’s share of certain taxes, as well as workers compensation premiums).

Hmong Home Health Care will be putting 80% of this increase towards wages, benefits, and payroll taxes for PCAs. This will be paid to active PCAs in a one-time bonus payment in late February or early March, once all timecards pertaining to the timespan of the rate increase have been collected and processed. The addition of these funds will not change the participants originally approved units amount.

This rate increase does not apply to Qualified Professionals or office staff.

The additional 20% will be used by the agency to cover the cost for activities and items necessary to support compliance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on sanitation and personal protective equipment.

If any PCA does not feel that they have received the compensation related increase as required (after the one-time bonus payout period), please contact HHHC’s Director of Operations, Shoua Moua, at 651-262-5510. You may also contact the Department of Human Services by mail, email, or phone – see contact information below.

Minnesota Department of Human Services
Community Supports and Continuing Care for Older Adults
PCA Temporary Rate Increase
P.O. Box 64967
St. Paul, MN 55164-0967
651-431-4300 (DSD Response Call Center)
Note: This telephone number is a voice number. TDD users may call the Minnesota Relay at 711 or 800-627-3529. For the speech-to-speech relay, call 877-627-3848.